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Lyman alpha forest mocks

This page, and the directories under it, contain data used in (or in support of) various LyA papers I've written. In addition to the raw data there are some scripts either in IDL or Python (basically depending on the date) which show you how to manipulate the files and some Perl scripts which were used to automate processing of grids of models.

In each directory you will tend to find the same kinds of files. Some directories have header information, others are just raw lists. The file "tpm.input" will tell you the cosmology. The format is ascii text with two lines. The first has OmegaM, OmegaX, w_0, OmegaB.h^2, h, n_s followed by delta_H. The second line contains the box size (in Mpc/h) and the random number seed used in the initial conditions. The files named del_* and vel_* contain the density and line-of-sight velocity along skewers while tau (or tau_H) contains the optical depth along the same skewers. The optical depth is often not normalized to anything in particular since things are normally rescaled to fit a given mean flux anyway. For some models I give results for a variety of 3D smoothings, labeled "lj", "ej" or "nj" for "linear Jeans", "exponential Jeans" and "no Jeans". You can find more details in MNRAS 350, 1107 (2004). In addition you'll sometimes find 1D power spectrum data or plots or other post-processed data.

The directories "OS30A/B/C" and "OS60A/B/C" refer to the Ostriker & Steinhardt concordance cosmology, in 30Mpc/h and 60Mpc/h boxes, at a variety of resolutions. The initial conditions were generated such that the lower k modes in common between the simulations were the same, but the number of modes in the initial conditions, the number of particles and the number of mesh cells for the force computation were all increased. These files are useful to check the effects of numerical resolution on some given statistic.

The directories starting with lcdm tend to be "typical" Lambda CDM cosmologies in a variety of different box sizes (given by the number in the directory name) with outputs at various redshifts. Some of these are done with high force resolution, others with a PM code. The directories lcdm250B, lcdm300B and Gpc (among others) additionally contain halo lists which can be used to put in mock quasars.

NameSize (kB)Last modified 212002/04/07 12002/04/07 352002/03/29 12003/04/09 52003/02/19 12003/04/09
d2_resoln_col.png 212003/03/09 222003/03/09 12003/04/09
d2_resoln_col2.png 212003/03/23 222003/03/23 12003/03/23 272002/08/29 12003/04/09 1382002/04/24 22003/04/09 82003/02/19 12003/04/09
Gpc 12008/09/22
lcdm100 22008/04/23
lcdm100A 12008/09/09
lcdm250B 32009/11/05
lcdm300B 02009/12/25
Model1 32006/08/24
Model2 22003/10/01
Model3 22003/10/01
Model4 12003/10/02
Model5 02003/10/01
Model6 02003/10/01
Model7 02003/10/01
OS15B 12003/10/01
OS20A 12003/10/01
OS30A 42006/08/24
OS30B 32003/11/12
OS30C 62004/10/25
OS60A 32005/02/11
OS60B 32003/11/12
OS60C 32005/04/05
OS_z3.dat 82002/04/24
OS_z3_Kf025.dat 82002/04/24
OS_z3_Kf050.dat 82002/04/24
OS_z3_Kf100.dat 82002/04/24
OS_z3_Kf200.dat 82002/04/24
OS_z5_Kf025.dat 82002/12/19
pdnl_OS_z3.dat 52002/03/26
pdnl_OS_z5.dat 82002/12/23 472002/04/07 22002/04/07 12003/05/23 2002003/01/09
pk_jdist.tex 182003/01/09 752002/03/29 22003/04/09 72003/02/19 12003/04/09 362003/04/09 12003/05/23 422003/04/09 12003/05/23 12003/04/09
pk_resoln_col.png 252003/03/09 352003/03/09 12003/04/09
pk_resoln_col2.png 232003/03/23 392003/03/23 12003/03/23 02002/04/19 12006/08/24 22006/08/24 12006/08/24

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