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Index of Lya/Gpc

The halo catalog and skewers here have been generated from a 15003 particle simulation of a LCDM cosmology in a 720Mpc/h=1Gpc box. The cosmology was OmM=0.25, OmL=0.75, n=0.97, h=0.72 and sigma8=0.8 and is given in the file "tpm.input". The particle mass is 7.7 x 109 Msun/h.

The file "halos_z20.dat.gz" contains the FoF halo catalog, created with a linking length of 0.168 times the mean interparticle spacing. Once un-gzipped it has 1 line per halo with the columns: x, y, z, vx, vy, vz, ID, log10(Mhalo). The positions are in box units (i.e. 720Mpc/h or Gpc) and the velocities are stored as distance offsets, also in box units. To go into redshift space, viewed along the x-axis, simply add vx to x and wrap periodically. The masses used are the FoF masses, one should probably use abundance of threshold samples to get a more easily interpreted measure of halo size.

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